Brad Aden
Freelance Graphic Design since 2013
I have practiced freelance graphic design for over 5 years. I take pride in creating unique solutions to problems that will give your project a clear advantage. Over the years I have produced a variety of graphic design materials. My goal is to create attention getting graphics that aren't the average template markup on some print warehouse.
I take pride in my clients successes and I love finding a thoughtful solution to each project. I enjoy the challenge of creating work that will inspire and help my clients to push their business to the next level. There is nothing more pleasing than having a happy client at the end of the design process. Knowing that I played a part in a customers business, wedding, graduation or their brand identity excites me. I find that design entails learning a bevy of things about our world and environment. Design has a powerful way of telling a story by way of letters and form. When done correctly design can have deep effects, a dedicated following and transformation of a brand to a growing business. I will make your project great.
I attended college at Santa Barbara City College and the University of Indiana. While in school I majored in graphic design, entrepreneurship and psychology. Immediately after school, I began doing freelance graphic design work. During the beginning my work was mostly dominated by online business and locally owned businesses. Now I have worked with large corporations, advertising agencies, small businesses and individuals around the US. I’ve enjoyed helping businesses build strong brands through identity development, naming, logo design, wine label design, website design and collateral design. My design speciality is business identity and product development.