Labs Logo

CAS Labs

Livermore, CA

CAS Labs is a chemical supply company located in Livermore, California. Although recently created, CAS Labs was looking to create a look that showed organization, hierarchy and structure.

I chose to stack the C-A-S to illustrate the hierarchical need for chemicals. We used a soft bue, white and black. A far cry from some chemical companies viral green and yellow colors. The colors signify a purity of product and professional atmosphere. For CAS we created a variety of business essentials for their brand.
  1. Lab Banner
    Internet banner made with clickable social media badges.
  2. Lab Card
    Individual employee contact information is displayed on back of card.
  3. Lab Card
    Front of design showcases the triangle logo. Simple line pattern used on top and bottom of background.
  4. Lab E-mail
    Template features two clickable sale offers. Bottom uses clickable social media icons.
  5. Lab Flyer
    Flyer showcasing their online sale.
  6. Lab Brochure
    Inner of brochure showcases different services and sales available.
  7. Lab Brochure
    Front page features contact info and logo. Back pages features an about us and social media information.