Donuts Logo

Joe Joe's Donuts Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Jo Jo's is one of the most popular Donut shops in all of Atlanta. They were one of the first shops in the city to embrace new futuristic styles and flavors of donuts. In a short time it has become a city favorite.  However their brown and orange logo left alot to be desired. They wanted to get younger clients and expand their sales channel. All without alienating their current customers.

I chose to create a classical donut look that often dated back to the 1950's. The classic pink and tan color scheme was more inviting to a younger customer, while also communicating that classic feel to its returning customers. We created a full brand identity pack for Jo Jo's, check out the work below.
  1. Donut Sign
    Simple signage features the Jo Jo's donut logo.
  2. Donut Billboard
    Features logo centered, along with graphic donuts on sides. Contact info is also printed on the billboard.
  3. Donut Brochure
    Two color schemed brochure highlighted by donut patterns and logos.
  4. Donut Brochure
    Brochure features a short menu and some monthly information about the shop.
  5. Donut Menu
    Logo and contact information are split between an overlapping donut design.
  6. Donut Menu
    Inside of Donut menu, featuring the companies favorite menu items.
  7. Donut Card
    Back side of the vertical card design just displays a fun pattern. The hope was that the fun donut pattern would let customers keep card around even if they didn't like donuts.
  8. Donut Card
    Simple design features logo, contact info and pattern.
  9. Donut Email
    Template showcasing their donut sale. Contact info and social badges at footer of design.
  10. Donut Banner
    Minimalist banner just features signature donut pattern.
  11. Donut Banner
    Logo features along with clickable donuts.