Deprivation Logo

Mind Body Spirit Deprivation

Hayward, CA

Deprivation tanks are a growing field of alternative health that has been gaining steam for more than 50 years. Located in Hayward, California they have been in business for over 10 years when they came to me with a logo re-design. Their old logo had no mention of water or deprivation.
We added a simple water wave symbol to the middle of the triangle to give it some aquadic feel. A simple logo, we chose to make the words Mind Body Spirit all alinged on a triangle. The triangle helps to illustrate the idea of the Mind, Body and Spirit as one. We created a full business identity pack for Mind Body Spirit. Check out some of the work below.
  1. Waves Brochure
    Each page of the tri fold design features the wave pattern at different depths.
  2. Waves Brochure
    Inside of brochure is seperated by a blue wave design.
  3. Deprivation Banner
    Design features clickable text links and their signature logo in the center of banner.
  4. Deprivation Banner
    Simple minimalist banner showcases logo and signature design.
  5. Deprivation Card
    Minimalist card design features oversized triangle logo in the center.
  6. Deprivation E-mail
    Two colored email template, shows a march sales special. Template features social badges and clickable content.
  7. Deprivation Card
    Employee contact information is designed in a vertical manner to compliment with the other sides horizontal design.
  8. Deprivation Flyer
    Flyer shows prices for different services. Along with logo and contact info.
  9. Deprivation Sign
    Signature wave pattern used with contact information and logo.
  10. Deprivation Sign
    Signature wave pattern used with contact information and logo.