Detective Card

Rogers & Keegan

Oakland, CA

Located in Oakland, CA. The gumshoes at Rogers and Keegan had to change their old logo due to a copywrite case. So they came to me to redesign their logo. A magnifying glass was used with a latent finger print to covey the companies services. We created a full business identity pack for the private detective agency, check it out below.
  1. Detective Card
    Employee Contact information is designed on a vertical template.
  2. Detective Card
    Title side of card is done in a horizontal design template.
  3. Detective E-Mail
    Template features a three column design that features the services offered by the agency. Complete with social badges and clickable content
  4. Detective Banner
    Web banner has clickable links along with their logo.
  5. Detective Brochure Inside
    Inside of brochure features their company garintee along with services offered and cases solved.
  6. Detective Brochure
    Back page features an extensive about us column. Along with services offered on the inner pages.